How can I participate in the INDATE partnership program?

Just promote the app we will develop for you.
For that you can use adv and CPA networks, that is, buy traffic directly. How much to invest in the app, you decide yourself. You can promote the app likewise speaking for a brand and raising brand awareness.
Also you’re free to promote the app without any investments, by using resources you already have. For example, if you own other apps or popular websites.
We’d love to discuss various opportunities and share our expertise with each of our potential partners!

Do you do anything else besides developing apps?

We test, update all apps, and provide tech support. We can also help you create metadata and upload the app to your account; localize your app for other regions; and find a common language with app store moderators.

Whose account will you upload the app in, yours or mine?

All apps binaries are uploaded in our partners' accounts. That means you should sign up for a Developer Program account and pay for it yourself.

Do I need to be registered as a company to work with you?

No. We also work with sole proprietors/single person businesses. The Apple Developer Program is also open to the both sole proprietors/single person businesses and companies.

Can I start working with you without waiting for the app to come out?

Yes. You can join INDATE rapid testing and direct traffic to one of our existing apps. And you'll be paid according to the revenue share model, just like our other partners. So you'll quickly start receiving a real income, and you'll be able to decide whether our offer suits you or not. We consult and share statistics with all our partners, irrespective of whether they're sending traffic to our app or to one we've developed specially for them.

I want several apps at once…

If returns of your app look good, we'll be delighted to make you another one!


Can I only get an app for the iOS platform?

We make apps both for iOS and for Android. We regard the iOS platform as more profitable, because statistics show that users spend twice as much on average in the App Store as they do in Google Play. Android has the potential to grow, so we'd be happy to discuss your business ideas for the Android platform too.

Who will work on my app?

Project and product managers, a designer, a developer, and also a tester and an editor.

Can I suggest some ideas, for example, on design and functionality?

Yes. Our product managers will definitely look into your ideas. If any of them fit the current business logic, we'll use them. We're especially keen to hear suggestions for design, naming, and positioning of your app.


Which countries are your users from?

Our apps and our partners' apps are accessible from most countries in the world. We have a large number of users in the USA, Turkey, France, Italy, India, Brazil, and countries in Asia. With INDATE, you can develop your app in any market that interests you.

How is the user base increased?

With INDATE, you get full access to our service's user base. Alongside the users you attract, your app will also display all the profiles created in our apps and our partners' apps. That means you will get a user base that is always growing.

Traffic / Monetization

Do you buy or sell traffic?

We buy it more than we sell it. INDATE's partnership model is unique. The partner sends traffic to the app, and we share with him all the proceeds from selling paid-for services: premium subscriptions, virtual currency units, and goods.

What business models do you use to monetize your apps?

All our apps work on the Freemium model. So all users get access to the basic functionality. Extended options are obtainable by paying for a premium subscription. Our apps also allow users to purchase credits and additional services, e.g. profile boost. See here for more details on monetizing apps.

How is your model different from offers on the CPA network?

When you send a traffic flow to an ordinary offer you get a fixed and unvarying payment for each download or action. But the revenue share model means you get 50% of everything the user spends in the app. That is, one user can provide you with income again and again simply by paying for their auto-renewable subscription. The lifespan of one such user can be up to 12 months. The most popular thing to buy is a premium subscription at $20-30. Even taking account of Apple's commission and our share, you get two or three times more than you would on average from the CPI model.


Which countries can I make money in?

Our apps are being developed successfully in the USA, China, Latin America, and European countries. With our app, you can make money in any market that you're familiar with or interested in.

How can I tell whether I'm on the road to success?

If you're earning more than $1,800 a month from your app (and even that's not the limit), then be sure that everything's going great!

What if I make significantly more than $1,800 a month?

You’ll get bonuses. We love succeeding partners!


How long does it take you to develop an app?

1-1.5 months: from developing the design to submitting the app for review to the app store.


Can I apply my own app to your API?

INDATE is a framework that allows us to develop unique apps with ready-to-use monetization system. Adapting the API for third-party projects with a different business logic would take too much time and effort, so for now it’s not of interest to us.

Any other questions? Write to us.