All INDATE projects work on the Freemium model.

Freemium is a friendly business model that means users don't pay to use the product. Monetization is achieved by selling an extended (premium) version, as well as in-app purchases and special services.

There are various different ways to monetize traffic in INDATE projects:

Selling extended access to functionality

Trial Premium Access is a very important part of the sales chain: it lets you gently draw users into using paid functionality. This is a modification to the system of paid subscriptions, allowing users free access to extended functions for a limited time.

Users like Trial, because it allows them to try out all the functions of the app. You can change the trials you offer according to different categories of users (broken down geographically, socially and demographically, or by other criteria).

Trial Premium Access

Premium access to app functions can be provided to the user for periods of 7, 30, or 90 days. Premium access activates: unlimited message exchange, extended search filters, filtering "bad" words, and also "invisible" mode, colored profile design, and removing ads.

INDATE projects feature various combinations of premium options. We're always thinking up new functions that can be wholly or partly included in the premium subscription.

Premium access

Selling In-app Purchases (separately or for virtual credits)

Profile boost: the chance for a user to stand out and advertise their profile;

Stickers: bright, animated pictures that make communication easier;

Gifts: virtual signs of attention.

Profile boost

The INDATE apps have individually selected price ranges for all these types of in-app purchases and services. You can configure your prices according to your target audience's buying power, the region where you will be promoting your app, and other business tasks you may set yourself.

The App Store only allows purchases to be made using Apple payment system. To make a purchase, users have to enter their login (iTunes ID) and link their bank card to it. Google provides more payment methods: using Google Play account, bank card, or direct carrier billing by phone number. You can combine different payment methods as you see fit.

All the financial statistics will be available in your iTunes Connect account and Google Play console right after the app launch. You'll be able to see which kinds of subscriptions and goods sell most often, which regions and countries are making you the most income, etc.


Based on our experience in the dating field, we select unique monetization systems for each partner app. The main objective is to see the app making a steadily rising profit.